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I have a table with a couple of rows each row with two columns, first left column is the title or topic and the right column is their value. If the right column is empty i need to hide the corresponding row, the whole row itself with the title . How to do it in jquery?

<table cellpadding="10" class ="EventDetail">
        <td class="TableFields">Who Should Enroll?:</td>
        <td>Everyone 18 and older who would like to attend</td>
        <td class="TableFields">Handicapped Access:</td>
        <td class="TableFields">Parking Notes:</td>
        <td class="TableFields">Instructor:</td>
        <td>John Filler</td>
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Try this

$('.EventDetail tr').filter(function(){
   return $(this).find('td:eq(1):empty').length > 0;

Working demo

Alternative solution

$('.EventDetail tr').find('td:eq(1):empty').parent().hide();

Working demo

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