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My MVC3 site downloads a .txt file to the user. I want the Download method of my controller to contact the business logic layer, then perform the download, then redirect to a new view that will announce the successful download. The problem is that I can return a view or a file but not both.

    public ActionResult Download(FormCollection collection)

            //Contact BLL no problem

            return File(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("Testing"), "text/plain", "Test.txt");
            return RedirectToAction("OtherActionWithOtherView");

I'm happy to go about this differently; any suggestions would be appreciated!

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You need to provide a View page that has an HTML link to the file download action or an Embedded IFrame with src tag assigned to the file download action.

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HTTP can't do that.

Instead, return the view only, and put a <meta http-equiv="refresh"> tag in the view that redirects to the download.

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I appreciate the help. This method was easy, but deprecated. I wound up using javascript. –  user1100737 Dec 16 '11 at 23:02

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