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I want to create an alias of @param for global variables used within a function. I'd like to specify it like this:

@global[in] global_var_name    more textual description
@global[in] global_var_name2   some more text
@global[in/out] name_var_3     more text
@global[out] name_var_4        more text

I've created an alias using this:

ALIASES = "global=\xrefitem global \"Global\" \"Globals\" " 

however, the HTML produced does not generate a table similar to @param. Does anyone know how to alias @param to generate a new table below the param table, or as consolation, append the globals to the @param table with "global in" in the square brackets instead of "in"?

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I got a reply on the doxygen users mailing list. Here is their answer. I haven't had a chance to try it.

ALIASES = "global{1}=@param [global \1]"
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