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I have application (tornado) where users can send/recieve private mesaages to/from each other and also can chat publicly. I am using redis (brukva) pub/sub mesaaging for realtime chat but I cant decide which mesaaging queue system should I use for private messaging part since its not realistic to send and process messages in a single post/get request. I think queue will resolve this problem by processing messages in the background. Is redis can be considered as option in here or should I go with other messaging queue structures ? Any queue suggestions for that particular use case and why ??

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The Redis List data structure makes a perfect queue, with atomic push/pop operations and everything else you would expect from a queue.

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When you're already hammering nails, you might as well use a hammer to hammer a tack. :-) –  dkamins Dec 20 '11 at 3:08

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