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A technical and legal question - what's the best rails gem to auto-detect location of a web visitor via e.g. IP? Down to granularity of state.

And is this an illegal privacy breach? Why do some sites auto-detect location and others ask for manual zip code input?

Thanks in advance!

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You'll need some sort of IP-to-location translation database, like this one:


[Update: free version is here: http://www.maxmind.com/app/geolitecity]

The reason some auto-detect and others don't is a question of reliability. You can't guarantee the IP you're seeing is the actual end users IP (proxies/VPNs/etc cause problems) so while it's fine for general use, it's not practical if you're doing something for example with billing or calculating shipping costs.

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Ruby Geocoder, check it here. It goes down to the granularity of city, well, it depends on many factors, but generally it works well. This Railscast shows some use cases.

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