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With using htmlagilitypack i want to read text of certain TD. this td has certain background such as image/acikustart.gif with using htmlagilitypack c# how can i read this td content. this background exist only in 1 element and the page is so badly designed so i have to use this method :D

i mean table - tr - td

<td background="image/acikustart.gif" height="61" width="100%">
&nbsp;&nbsp;<font face = "Arial" size = "2" color = "black"><b>Hoparlörler 
- TÜM MARKALAR</b></font></td>

So from the above source code i will read : Hoparlörler - TÜM MARKALAR

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//table/tr/td[@background = 'image/acikustart.gif']//text()
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