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I am working on a portion of a site that I need to be able to upload a video file as an answer to each of multiple questions (up to 10). I have been searching the net and even playing around with the jquery upload myself but I am struggling and have to admit I am a jquery hack at best. I need to have the uploaded videos also be denoted with which question they are an answer to along with personal informaiton that will be gathered.

I would like these to be uplaoded on the fly as compared to the rest of the form (if this was a straight file upload I wouldn't be asking for help). In order for the form to be complete I am assuming I need to create an hidden input that has the file upload information as the result of each upload.

I hope I am making sense. As I have mentioned, I have looked at some of the jquery adons but they don't seem to fit or maybe I don't know how to bend them to use in the way I need. A upload status bar would be nice but I am not going to get greedy also this needs to be done via iframe not flash.

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Would you let them drag and drop, or provide a button? If you're letting them drag and drop, are you going to the window or a more restricted element? You should be doing both, and since you'll know the placement of the button/which field they dropped onto, how are you not able to associate that with a particular Q? –  jcolebrand Dec 16 '11 at 0:18
If you do not intend to have this accessed via a mobile device, you should use swfupload. I've seen swfupload plugins made for jQuery, but I would just use swfupload library directly. Good luck! –  John Dec 16 '11 at 0:32
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