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I have an Interface for a WCF service

public interface IAuthenticationService
    void Authenticate(Action<bool, Exception> callback, string UserName,string Password);

I have an implementation

public class AuthenticationService : IAuthenticationService
    public void Authenticate(Action<bool, Exception> callback, string Name, string Password)
        MvcWebAuthenticate.AuthenticationServiceClient authService = new MvcWebAuthenticate.AuthenticationServiceClient();
        authService.CookieContainer = AuthCookie.CookieJar;
        authService.LoginCompleted += (s, e) =>
            if (e.Result == false)
                callback(false, e.Error);
                callback(true, null);
        authService.LoginAsync(Name, Password, "", true);

From my view model i want to call service above and pass username and password, but I don’t understand how to write a lambda expression in order to pass parameters and get a "callback" Action back.

if i didnt have UserName and Password i could write this code:

(authenticated, error) =>
if (error != null)
{     }

But how to achieve same when i need to pass parameters?

Thank you

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Unless I'm misunderstanding the issue, you should be able to just do this:

    _dataService.Authenticate((authenticated, error) =>
        if (error != null)
    }, userName, password);
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