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Our FB Comment widget was implemented incorrectly. The "url" parameter has a stray single quote before "http", like so:

<fb:comments numposts="10" publish_feed="true" migrated="1" class="fb_iframe_widget" url="'">

Long story short, we didn't catch this till six months down the line. Now Facebook comments are being keyed on our site on the xid/url (I putzed around with the Graph API):\u0025253A\u0025252F\\u00252Fdetail\u00252F2596795

Note how FB defaulted the URL to be the URL of the comment itself, with the (malformed) URL as the xid/url params.

Now that I would like to fix the facebook comments widget, how would I go about updating each facebook ID to match to the correct page?

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I'm not sure that you can do anything with the migrated version to set it to the right URL.
But just I wrote a complete tutorial of how to leave the migrated boxes as they are,
but start using the new 'href' version in the new comments-boxes,
so if you think it can help you then visit the tutorial

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