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I am using Jenkins to run a simple script which displays output on the console. Now what I want is the output of the job is displayed on Jenkins dashboard somewhere.

Let us say the build script just does a dir. Now I want to be able to click on the latest build of the project and see the output in Jenkins. I know I can always click on the build and then "console output". But this gives me more info than required, meaning it also gives me the inner workings of the script. What I want is a "dumb-user" display which just gives me the final output of the script.

Any plug-ins or ways to do this ?

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If you output the results to a file in the target then you can click on the workspace link to view the file. You could also set a Post-build action to archive the file as an artifact and then it will show up on the main Jenkins page for the project.

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Many thanks. I already hit upon the workspace one but was not even aware of the post-build step. Suits my purpose well. Cheers mate :) – Pulak Agrawal Dec 19 '11 at 2:08

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