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I'm fixing up a HTML template for rendering a PDF file. The problem is that the new code I'm using works for one template but throws a CConvertException in another. The console doesn't give me any hints other than the following error:

Oops: CConvertException An unexpected error occured caused by exception CConvertException: ERROR: An unhandled exception occured: ERROR: An Exception occured while reconstructing the pdf document: ERROR: An unhandled exception occured: null

The new code involves using a new Java Extension that converts a String into another, as follows:

#{if person?.name != null} ${person?.name.getInitials().toString()} #{/if}

For some reason, this exact code breaks one template but works just fine in another. What am I doing wrong?

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Could you give some more info about the templates? Is it always the same template that fails? null might mean that there is something wrong with the variables. –  maartencls Mar 3 '12 at 20:06

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Don't know for sure if this is the cause, but your use of the safe navigation operator ?. is kind of weird here. And wouldn't getInitials() automatically return a String?

Why not just write (without the surrounding if statement):

// Returns the name or an empty String if name or person is null.
${person?.name?.getInitials() ?: ""}
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