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Here I am with CakePHP ACL again. After many headaches, I was able to get Alaxos ACL to work for me. I set group permission, etc, and it works great. However, I am having issue with one controller that does not make sense to me at all...

  • In this controller articles_controller.php it looks like beforeFilter() has not effect

In my app_controller.php I have

function beforeFilter(){
    $this->Auth->allow('display') //To make sure all my pages are plublic, like about_us

In all my controllers including articles_controller.php I have the following code

function beforeFilter(){

However, when I access this controller neither the index or view actions works. I get a YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THAT LOCATION error. The only time that controller works is if I change the $this->Auth->allow('display') to('*') in the app_controller.php's beforeFilter().

I am not sure what to do. Isnt $this->Auth->allow('index','view') making these 2 actions public regardless of ACL says? I am only able to access them when logged in. Same actions in other controllers work just fine. Nothing else is out of the ordinary...

What can I do, or where should I look next. Why?


And to add,

I have the following code in my articles_controller.php:


If I comment all those out, AUTH now gives me access to the action/view, but it displays undefined variable errors. Also, if I comment out, ie. 3 of 4, nothing happens. I only get thru if I comment out all 4 variables....

I have not idea what is going on...

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After many hours of researching and trying I came to a simple conclusion that was so obvious that I am not sure why I missed it.

In articles_controller.php I have other actions besides index, view, edit, delete, admin_xxx. I have among others getArticleComments, mostViewedArticle

I am not sure if it is the correct way, most likely it is not, but I use requestAction to process these actions and most into an ELEMENT which is displayed in the view.

I basically had to tell Auth to allow these actions to be public as well as the index and view.


Voila! As soon as I did that, problem solved... WOW!

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