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You know, Vim can show popup-menu using &completefunc. Each menuitem is a dictionary with following items: 'word', 'abbr', 'menu', 'info', 'kind', 'icase', 'dup'.

How can i get what menuitem is selected at the moment? I need to perform some actions when user selects some menuitem, and, so, i need to get the dictionary for this menuitem.

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The solution to this question is very tricky. You'll need to work asynchronously, override a few things, and interpret a temporarily inserted text.

I did answer a similar question on vim official mailing-list. (the title to search for is: Custom Completion Function, the Message-ID is b9811558-6ad0-44ba-a293-4e7fe24f84d2@zimbra60-e10.priv.proxad.net)

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