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I am using eclipse helioes 3.6.2 and i want to create a android test project. At the time of running the test suite, eclipse is taking junit 3 runner as default. But, I want to make the runnner as junit 4 and in eclipse plugin there are also all the jars are available e.g.junit 3.8 as well as junit 4. Please provide me some guidelines so that I can execute this.


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Android supports JUnit 3, so if your intention is to run android tests you should stick with it.

Remember that the tests will be run on a device or emulator featuring that version so it doesn't matter the version your host computer could have.

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i m trying to set default runner as junit 4. I dont want junit 3 as default runner.how it can be done??? –  user1101243 Dec 16 '11 at 6:48
Read my answer again –  dtmilano Dec 16 '11 at 7:12

If you are using the Android test framework (extending from TestCase, AndroidTestCase, etc., as recommend here), then you won't be able to use JUnit4. JUnit3 is built-into the Android test framework (JUnit3 source actually bundled into android.jar). To see what i mean, you can run the following command to check out the contents of android.jar.

$ jar tf android.jar | grep junit

You can, however, run Android unit tests without the Android test framework. I use Robolectric to do this. Using Robolectric instead of the Android test framework, you can leverage JUnit4 instead of JUnit3.

Here's the gotcha for using JUnit4 with Robolectric: Once you have Robolectric set up to run your tests, make sure your JUnit4 jar is added to your classpath before the Android SDK. Otherwise, the built-in JUnit4 classes will be used instead of the JUnit4 classes.

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