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I am creating a Spring REST web services, that communicates with Android App and JSP web pages.

The method at my spring controller is like

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, value = "/login")
    public ModelAndView userLogin(@RequestBody User user,
            HttpServletRequest request){

         //do something with user


Andoid App is able to access this method through adding request Headres like "Content-Type" application/json , "Accept" application/json etc. Here the user information sent by android end is comes in request body. Thats ok..

But problem occurs when i POST the contents from my JSP page. I am not able to access the same userLogin method from jsp page with @RequestBody but when i replace it with @ModelAttribute it works for jsp page ...but then doesn't works for android app. Please tell me how can i solve this.

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Make the JSP page do the same thing as the android app (posting as JSON) using JavaScript, or implement a second method in your Spring controller (userLogin2), mapped to a different URL, and use this URL in your JSP.

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Thanks for your reply..But i want the same method for jsp pages to use. Can you please tell how i can add HTTP headers with Javascript? – Arun Kumar Dec 16 '11 at 6:27

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