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I am working on a personal Framework/Library with PHP, Javascript, CSS.

Plan on using MVC method.

Will have Themes and Templates

A Theme is a wrapper that Template files are embeded into...

    <header> Header area </header> 

    comtent template

    <footer> Footer section </footer>

and a Template is a view that is eventually included into the Theme file.

I know most people just simply include a header and footer but there is something about this approach of a Theme file that wraps Template files that attracts me for a while now. ( I haven't tried it out yet)

So using MVC let's assume I access a page domain.com/users/page/2 this would simply build the page 2 of a user list or something. Pretty straight forward.

Now let's assume this same application uses AJAX to load in domain.com/users/page/2 instead of loading the whole Theme file and embedding all the Template files inside it...the Theme is already loaded so it should just fetch the content of the page without the Theme wrapper file

So if am AJAX request is sent, I realize I need to detect it in my MVC code, so I will have a Class Property that is True or False for the request being AJAX or Not

I am just trying to make sure I am on the right path, is there anything else I need to check or I am overlooking for this to possibly work?

Is this how the big frameworks do it?

I am thinking I should probably make it where I can set how the result is returned, like if returned to an AJAX request, maybe I should have an option to get it as pure HTML, XML, JSON?

Sorry if this seems really basic, I am not used to using the whole MVC, I fully understand it though. So in the past to make an AJAX request I would generally just point to a separate file like processing.php that would just return the response for that AJAX request. Now that I am routing everything through a single file and building the page from there I just want to make sure I handle the AJAX request properly with this

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No need to answer here, you're right :) –  egis Dec 16 '11 at 6:15
Usually, AJAX calls some controller's method, that in turns echoes the appropriate view (i.e., the ajax response to be printed on page. In your case, it might mean loading a determined Template); the "big frameworks" I saw (CodeIgniter,Kohana, Yii) do like this; among the three I mentioned, Yii has a nice built in ajax class you can look into for inspiration, but it's not necessary to have it. Summing up, fire an ajax request to a controller the same as you once did to a single php page. –  Damien Pirsy Dec 16 '11 at 6:37
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