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i am creating social network application, and after the login page every member should be able to perform some functionality in the home page, for example creating a group the store procedure for this functionality expects some parameters like the user email, so the question is how i input this email parameter without asking the user again to insert it and i have to make sure that this email is the email that's used in the login. some friends told me to use global variable but i don't know the syntax. so if anyone have another idea to do this?

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When user is logged in you need to store his email id in Session like

Session["UserEmailId"] = txtUserName.Text.ToString();

So when you need to pass email id to stored procedure you can simply use

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and i can use it anywhere?? –  Mohamed Abdel Hakim Dec 16 '11 at 6:35
That is correct. –  ToddBFisher Dec 16 '11 at 6:40

Looking down the road a bit it might be worth having a custom "userInfo" class that stores any user info that will be used throughout the site in a session variable that is set upon login, the VERY BASIC idea:

Session["userInfo"] = new UserInfo(emailAddress,password);

Then whenever you want to pull info from it do something like:

userInfo user = Session["userInfo"];
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great idea, thanks alot –  Mohamed Abdel Hakim Dec 16 '11 at 6:51

Use Session Object. When user logins into ur account with the email, simply store the mail address in the session object like

// In login page, where u make user login, there only create one session object like below..
Session["Email_id"] = txtEmail.Text;

Session object exists for whole of the session (that is the time when user logins to the time when user log outs). And u can get the value of this session object in any page u want.

For example u want it in the create group page. So, when u want that email of the current user u can write....

string email_id = Session["Email_id"].ToString();

Try it out, it will surely work for u....

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