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I am working on a project on python. I have divided my complete script into 4 modules to make the code better understandable. I need to create a exe of the code which holds the gui.

The problem is that different modules have different dependencies.One module requires pyusb, one requires PIL and other requires scipy. How do i make sure that making an exe of one code itself is sufficient to handle all the dependencies. I dont mind making a single exe from multiple codes. Please help

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You can specify list of packages to include (along with subpackages) as value to the key package and list of module names to include as value to the key includes in the options dictionary that can be passed to py2exe. Check this py2exe help page for list of options that one can use to configure py2exe.

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By default py2exe should include all your imports into the bundle, but if this doesn't work, you can try false-importing the modules you need. you can do this in the main script that you are passing to py2exe:

in your main script:

if False:
    import <module x>, <module y>, <module z>, <etc...>

This should make py2exe see the modules right away, and include them with your bundle.

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