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I have the following data that I would like to graph:

Date Amount
2011-11-02 70000.11
2011-11-21 69000
2011-12-01 95000.76

which is to be saved as quantity.R

and here is my code in Sweave:

\documentclass[fleqn, a4paper,12pt]{article}
\usepackage[inner=20.4mm, tmargin=11.8mm,nohead,tmargin=20mm,bmargin=25mm,textwidth=159.2mm]{geometry}


d <- read.table("quantity.R", header=TRUE, sep=" ")

postscript('hello.eps', width=14, height=7, colormodel="cmyk", family = "ComputerModern",
               horizontal = FALSE, onefile=FALSE, paper = "special", encoding = "TeXtext.enc",

par( mgp=c(3,1.5,0), mai=c(1.5, 2.5, 0.5, .75) )
with(d,plot(as.Date(d$Date), d$Amount))



The pdf produced by the above code is not pretty. Any suggestion on how to get the plot well in the landscape mode and spanning the whole page as far as possible?

A related query: I was trying to put the data in quantity.R inline with my Sweave code as:

d<-data.frame(Date=c(as.Date(2011-11-02), as.Date(2011-11-21), as.Date(2011-12-01)), Amount= c(12050,15292,23907))

but this is not accepted in R. Any suggestions?

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To your related query: The error produced is Error in as.Date.numeric(2011 - 11 - 2) : 'origin' must be supplied. If you skim through ?as.Date you will find some hints as to what this means. Further research may be necessary from there... – vaettchen Dec 16 '11 at 7:18
@ vaettchen Thanks. Yes the origin has to be supplied somehow. – yCalleecharan Dec 16 '11 at 7:25

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