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I am designing a form in java using JDeveloper. I am new to JDeveloper. In JDeveloper tool I didn't found any option to directly add image to form like .Net. And I don't know how to add image to form manually. is there any other way to solve it out. So please help me to solve it.

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As simple as this :

      image = ImageIO.read(new File(path));
      JLabel picLabel = new JLabel(new ImageIcon(image));

Yayy! Now your image is a swing component ! add it to a frame or panel or anything like you usually do! Probably need a repainting too , like

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+1 This is easy and flexible; see also ImageApp for a different approach. –  trashgod Dec 16 '11 at 11:23

Don't know about JDeveloper but in code you have following possibilities:

  1. Create an ImageIcon of the image then set that to a jLabel and add jLabel to your frame.
  2. Override paintComponents() of your frame to draw image using Graphics in it. {Not sure about this}
  3. Override paintComponent() of some panel or any other component to draw image using Graphics in it and then add that component to frame..
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"2. Override paintComponent() of your frame" JFrame has no paintComponent() method. –  Andrew Thompson Dec 16 '11 at 6:41
@AndrewThompson: I think its paintComponents() for JFrame. But still not sure. –  Harry Joy Dec 16 '11 at 6:52

You can use Labels as Sanjay says.

also using layered pane you can use as background image.

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