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I am writing a PHP and MySQL application in which i have to concatenate multiple column values into one single column.I would have used the concat() function,but it does not handle null values,and the concat_ws(),which does not return the result in the output i want. What i need can be achieved in the Oracle database like this:

 Select 'The Surname Is'||last_name from employees;

My Issue is how can i achieve this same result with MySQL..without using the above named functions?

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  CONCAT('The Surname Is ', IFNULL(last_name, 'sadly not available'))
FROM `employees`
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You can also use CONCAT_WS function which takes care of NULL values

CONCAT_WS(' ','The Surname Is',lastname) 
FROM `employees`
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@Minesh: CONCAT_WS does not 'take care' of NULL values. To illustrate this...


In the above example, if house.address is NULL the returned result will not contain a neat double tilda (~~) as expected. It will be a tilda separated list with only 1 tilda. eg "fun House~mansion"

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Use coalesce to concat an empty string

select concat(coalesce(null, ''));
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