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I have 2-dimensional array like below.

unsigned char myArray[][48] = {

When I get myArray[0], it's not 36 bytes as we see; instead, it is 48. How can I get 36 bytes as we see in the array without specifying its size, 36, while getting it.


NSData *row1 = [NSData dataWithBytes:url[0] 
                              length:(sizeof(myArray[0])/sizeof(unsigned char))];
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Since you declare an array of 48-byte arrays, that is what you get. If it's not used by external code you maybe can use a structure which contain the length? –  Joachim Pileborg Dec 16 '11 at 6:46

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There's only 32 bytes in the first 4 rows.

Since the values not provided are initialized to 0, you could search for the last non-zero backward, like:

unsigned char* data = myArray[n];
size_t len = sizeof(myArray[n]);
for (; len > 0; -- len)
  if (data[len-1] != 0)
NSData* row = [NSData dataWithBytes:data length:len];

This assumes there are no 0 at the end of your provided 32-byte sequence. If not, you have to provide an additional array recording the number of bytes each row.

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NSData *row1 = [NSData dataWithBytes:myArray[0] length:36];


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