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I have a .bat file with certain commands which it executes (XCOPY/DEL/RMDIR,etc)

Now what I want is, initially show a prompt to the user, as soon as the .bat is RUN. Only IF the user says Y to the prompt should the complete set of commands should be executed. ELSE it should just EXIT. How do I do this?

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set /p input= gets input from the user, and then you could read if /? – jeb Dec 16 '11 at 10:56
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set answer=N
set /P answer=Do you want to proceed? 
if /I not %answer% == Y exit /B
rem Continue here...

First SET command set a default value if the user just press Enter. The /I switch in IF command ignore case in comparison.

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@echo off
set /p RUN=Run [y/n]?
if %RUN% == y (
echo Run commands
) else (
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