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I'd like to have PHPUnit fail when it encounters any PHP error, warning, or exception.

I'm seeing examples of the inverse, where

 * @expectedException PHPUnit_Framework_Error_Warning

is used when an error is expected. But instead, I'd like to exercise various code paths and guarantee that no errors, warnings, or exceptions were thrown.

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For me, the question is not precise enough to answer but it feels like you're abusing PHPunit for something which doesn't sound like proper unit testing. Again, I may be wrong since I don't get enough information from your question. Maybe you could post some example (pseudo)code of what you would like to do. –  markus Dec 16 '11 at 7:37

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Any test that throws an uncaught exception or raises a warning or error is automatically marked with E (for error) by PHPUnit without your intervention. You only need to take measures like @expectedException when you want to count such errors as correct behavior.

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