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Is it possible to create JIRA issues using Ant tasks?

I'd like to automatically create JIRA issues using Ant.

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Please check ant-jira. I never used it, looks like you can find some use and tell us how useful it is.

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Can't find any docs on that. –  jaypi Dec 20 '11 at 15:06
It seems that ant-jira is meant for that. But I had trouble with company SSO so I couldn't test it. Here's how it works : <target name="runtest"> <tstamp /> <antjira verbose="true" username="user" password="pass" webServiceEndpointUrl="http://url_to_jira/rpc/soap/jirasoapservice-v2"> <createissue verbose="true" summary="ant-jira-test ${DSTAMP} ${TSTAMP}" type="1" project="project_short_name" description="ant-jira automated test issue description" assignee="me" priority="4" /> </antjira> </target> –  jaypi Jan 23 '12 at 6:34

Use an Ant task to execute a shell command. Make the shell command the Atlassian CLI from Bob Swift.

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