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I have a gray Checkbox or 'vee' icon next to a XSL file. It is identical to the usual 'green vee' that appears next to versioned files.

What do it mean?

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From the TortoiseSVN help:

If you have set the svn:needs-lock property on a file, Subversion makes that file read-only until you get a lock on that file. Such files have this overlay to indicate that you have to get a lock first before you can edit that file.

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Image link appears to be broken. –  user212218 Jun 7 '12 at 18:30

if by "Vee" you mean Check mark. then the Grey Check Mark means the file is marked as Read Only.

You can see all the icon overlays in the Tortoise SVN Settings.

 Right Click Explorer
> Tortoise SVN
> Setttings
> Icon Overlay
> Icon Set
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From the help:

The Needs Lock overlay is used to indicate when a file has the svn:needs-lock property set. For working copies which were created using Subversion 1.4.0 and later, the svn:needs-lock status is cached locally by Subversion and this is used to determine when to show this overlay. For working copies which are in pre-1.4.x format, TortoiseSVN shows this overlay when the file has read-only status. Note that Subversion automatically upgrades working copies when you update them, although the caching of the svn:needs-lock property may not happen until the file itself is updated.

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