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I have a model class like this:

namespace Models
   public struct Localization
      public int Id;
      public string LanguageName;
      public string LanguageCode;
      public DateTime LastUpdate;

   public class LocalizationModel
      private List<Localization> _localization;

      public LocalizationModel() {

        //create simple list
      public void Browse() {
         Localization lang = new Localization();
         _localization = new List<Localization>();

         for ( int i = 1; i <= 3; i++ ) {
            lang.Id = i;
            lang.LanguageName = "Language name " + i;
            lang.LanguageCode = "Language code " + i;
            lang.LastUpdate = DateTime.Now;

            _localization.Add( lang );

      public bool AddNewLanguage( Localization item ) {
         if ( ( item as object ) == null ) {
            throw new ArgumentException( "The localization cannot be empty" );

         _localization.Add( item );

         return true;

      public List<Localization> LocalizationList {
         get {
            return _localization;

And the Add method defined in Home Controller:

        public ActionResult Add( Localization sendInfo ) {
           bool success = _localization.AddNewLanguage( sendInfo );

           return this.Json( new {
              msg = success
           } );

I called that method from jquery ajax function like this:

function sendDataForAdd() {
   var sendInfo = { Id: 0,
      LanguageName: $("#lang-name").val(),
      LanguageCode: $("#lang-code").val(),
      LastUpdate: $("#lang-update").val()

   $.post('/Home/Add', sendInfo, doneLanguageAdded, 'json');

   function doneLanguageAdded(msg) {
      if (msg) {
         alert("The language was added successfully !");
      else {
         alert("The language was not added in list !");

The problem is that the Add function parameter -> sendInfo from controller becomes null. The javascript variables take correctly the input values. The problem is the struct from Model or what ?

I tried other scenario. I defined a class with all properties and use it in LocalizationModel class. It works perfectly with jquery ajax and pass correct parameter to controller function.

Why if I use struct, the controller parameter is null ? There are a trick ?

I put a breakpoint to controller function (using Visual Studio) and I checked the parameter.

Id and other variables are null. I attached a picture: enter image description here

Thank you

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Your struct needs to have getters and setters.

public struct Localization
  public int Id {get; set;}
  public string {get; set;}
  public string {get; set;}
  public DateTime {get; set;}
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Thank you Travis, that's why my script not working... Thank you :) God bless you :D –  Snake Eyes Dec 16 '11 at 8:59
it has been already marked :) –  Snake Eyes Dec 19 '11 at 10:26

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