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I want to execute a junit testcase inside another java program.. Let's say

class XYZ extends TestCase{
    public void test1(){}
    public void test2(){}
    public void test3(){}

Like the way I run this unit test on eclipse, I want to be able to execute this at run time..I need to know the number of tests passed and failed.. I tried the typical java way of doing this by creating an object of this testcase class and invoking each function one by one but somehow I felt it is ineffective to do so.. Also, it does execute the tests but doesn't tell me anything about the statistics about tests passed and failed..

So how can I execute all this tests at run time within another java program, mimicking what eclipse does?

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You can use the JunitCore class to execute tests programmatically. This will return a Result which you will have to evaluate for yourself.

Once you have tests, you'll want to run them. JUnit provides tools to define the suite to be run and to display its results. To run tests and see the results on the console, run this from a Java program:

org.junit.runner.JUnitCore.runClasses(TestClass1.class, ...);
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