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I am using jfreechart at the moment and want to generate a kind of scatterplot. I have 100000s of datapoints. Now I want to change each 2D point into a (3D-) stick by usind the points z-value as the stick height. The whole plot should be zoomable! Thats it. Is this possible in jfreechart? How can I do this without bucking or delay within the zooming action?

Thanks for any suggestions!


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For ~106 data points, FastScatterPlot is a good choice. For larger numbers, you'll have to test.

Addendum: The good news is that zooming works very well, and you can set the initial zoom area as needed.

Addendum: For speed, FastScatterPlot uses an internal render() method, instead of a plug-in renderer. Rather than rendering a shape, consider using a spectrum of colors that vary in saturation or transparency.

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