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My project has properties for the svn:externals but to get it working I have to svn update the whole project to get the latest jars from the repository.

Now I have build script and would like to get the svn:externals in the build script.

I have used svn commands in the build before but don't know how to use svn:externals in it .

Could any one help me on this ?

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I don't understand your question. If you update from the ant script svn:externals will behave exactly the same way. –  oers Dec 16 '11 at 9:28
Dude that is my question. How do you use svn:externals in the ant script ? –  Makky Dec 16 '11 at 9:30

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The svn property svn:externals does not need any special handling. Whenever you call update those externals will be retrieved.

To call svn update from ant you need a svn library for it.

Svnant for example offers nearly all svn commands as ant tasks


      <path id="path.svnant">
          <pathelement location="SVN_ANT_DIR/svnant.jar"/>
          <pathelement location="SVN_ANT_DIR/svnClientAdapter.jar"/>
          <!-- ... -->


Update Example

 <svn javahl="${javahl}">
    <update dir="DIRECTORY_TO_UPDATE" />
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