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I am using below code for wrapping image under basic-link

<xsl:template name="bottomSection">
     <fo:basic-link color="blue" external-destination="http://www.google.com">
       <fo:external-graphic src="url('E:/images/promoAdd.jpg')"/>

Now, in the resulting pdf, only the very bottom edge of the image has hyperlink (it appears only when cursor is moved at the bottom of the image).

I need to display this hyperlink when cursor is moved to any part of the image.

Please let me know if I can use some other approach.

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The approach looks okay to me at first sight. What FO renderer are you using? – grtjn Dec 16 '11 at 11:27

The text-altitude property can be used to make the whole image an active link. Set the value to the height of the image:

<fo:basic-link color="blue" external-destination="url('http://www.google.com')"
  <fo:external-graphic src="url('E:/images/promoAdd.jpg')"/>

Note: I have verified that this works with the XEP FO processor. It does not work with FOP (text-altitude is not supported).

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