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I am new to IOS development, and I would like to use the LazyTableImages sample in my project. I have main screen displaying a list of menus. What i want to achieve is that when a user clicks a menu on the main screen, it will start a new screen which calls the LazyTableImages code and downloads the images.

But i have no idea how to do that.Because in the sample, the screen with the images is the first window, and in my project, it is not.It seems that I will need to move the LazyTableAppDelegate.h and LazyTableAppDelegate.m to the my own delegate file AppDelegate.h and AppDelegate.m files but i didnt get any luck doing that. Can anyone shed any light how should i make the change? Is there any sample code i can refer how to call one project in the other?


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post screenshot of the same. its diff to download the project and find out the solution. –  Sarah Dec 16 '11 at 9:48

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this links solve your problems.

   1)  [HJCache][1] 
   2)  [Video Part1][2]
   3)  [Video Part2][3]
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The links above dont work. –  user1101649 Dec 19 '11 at 5:47

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