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I'm new to NodeJS and I wonder how to properly send the content of several files using FS and Socket.IO.

My problem is more about best practices on Node/javascript than the actual 'raw' logic of my scripts.

So, the purpose of my app is to watch a log File (File1.log) and a Result File (File2.log). Until the File2.log contains a string (such as "Done", or "Error"), I need to continue sending the result of the File1.log to the client.

When the key ("Error","Done") has been read, I send the result to the client and have to launch the same process for another couple of log/result files - after having closed the FileWatcher on the first one.

In the end, I need to close the connection and stop all of the sleeping FileWatcher processes.

The 'streaming' of my files is working pretty well, but I am confused about the best way to switch between the differents FileWatch Processes and how to notify the client.


* [SomeCode]...
io.sockets.on('connection', function (client) {

    //Starting the process for the first couple of files    
    client.on('logA', function (res) {

        var PATH_to_A = "path/to/A/directory/";


    //Starting the process for the seconde couple of files
    client.on('logB', function (res) {
        //I need to stop the first readFile Watcher process

        var PATH_to_B = "path/to/B/directory/";

function readFile(client,PATH){

    var File1 = path.join(PATH,'File1.log');
    var File2 = path.join(PATH,'File2.log');

    //Get the file stats
        if (err) throw err;
        //Send the data;

    //Watch the first file
    var w1 = fs.watch(File1,function(status, file){

        if(status == "change"){
                if (err) throw err;
                //Send the data;

    //Watch the second file
    var w2 = fs.watch(File2,function(status, file){
        if(status == "change"){
            fs.readFile(File2, "utf8", function (err, body) {
                if (err) throw err;
                //Some Code....
    //Closing FileWatcher


    var socket = io.connect('');

   //On connect, waiting for the first couple of files          
    socket.on('connect', function(server) {

    //If the first process is done, i ask for the second couple of files

Thanks for your help!

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I finally succeeded using the github.com/caolan/async module. –  Franquis Jan 27 '12 at 11:03

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