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I didn't pay as much attention as I should have in math class, don't shoot me.

Anyway... I'm trying to calculate a degree of rotation. I have my hypotenuse & opposite lengths (it is a right triangle).

So I'm guessing the equation should look like:

$radians = sin-1 ($opposite/$hypotenuse);

I see a sine function (sin) but I don't see an inverse sine function (i.e. sin-1).

Do I just pow(sin($opposite/$hypotenuse),-1) it, or so I have my trig all confused?

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Use asin (for arcsine, another name of sin-1).

And don't confuse the -1 here with exponents! It's just an unfortunate syntax. Inverse functions have nothing to do with exponentials. That's why some people prefer to use the name arcsin instead of sin-1.

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