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As the title says, when upgrade to the Windows Phone 7.1 It seems the ManipulationDelta do not fire as frequency as the version of Windows Phone 7.

eg: I have a ScrollViewer, and there are some controls in it. I set the ScrollViewer's ManipulationMode is Control. When i Vertical scrolling, the ManipulationDelta event didn't fire at all. ThereMore, when I Horizontal scrolling,the ManipulationDelta event fired. I don't kown why this happed. How can I use ManipulationDelta event in the ScrollViewer.

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Finally I worked out my problem using the event: MouseMove of the ScrollViewer. – Joel Feb 17 '12 at 9:24
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It changed in Mango. Details can be found here: On the Silverlight for Windows Phone Performance Team Blog as well as a bunch of research and workarounds here

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