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As a android base developer, i have always been using progressdialog for android. So is there any similar whay that i can popup a windows and showing a loading indicator which prevent users from touching any of the other control? Currently i am looking at ProgressIndicator which allows me to make an indicator, however this does not prevent me from using other control while loading?

I also thought of making a childwindow with a loading dialog so this will prevent user from touching other control

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You may consider disabling the controls or making them invisible, then enabling them and/or making them visible when the process is complete. You can also have a TextBlock with a message while the process is happening and then make it invisible when complete..

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i know disabling does work, however won't it abit weird :O? What are the current way that people do for windows phone 7 development? –  ericlee Dec 16 '11 at 10:24

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