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In an attempt to overcome Google TTS API's character limit of 100 chars, tried to loop every 100 characters to fetch a fresh mp3 from the api and play seamlessly. Tried multiple ways, but the .play() and the event listeners like canplay/onended doesn't just seem to work inside a loop! Best that could be achieved is to get all the downloaded tracks to play simultaneously, rather than one after the other. Below is some code :-

if ($("#theinput").attr("value").length > 100){
var len = $("#theinput").attr("value").length;
var audioPlayer = document.getElementById("spokenmemory");    
for (var i=0; i < (len / 100); i++) {
var stl=i*100;
var str = $("#theinput").attr("value").substr(stl, 100);
$("#spokenmemory").attr("src", " tl=en&q="+str);
audioPlayer.addEventListener('canplay', function () {
            } );


Any help will be appreciated.

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Try to use the trigger function instead

fadeInAudio : function(audio){

fadeOutAudio : function(audio){
//      audio.pause();
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