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Can Lua be used for developing enterprise level applications?

I want to develop an application for enterprise level, for instance, a software for hotel. A customer will navigate through tabs for accessing the facilities available.

I'm developing this with the help of Android which I find flexible for development but this same scenario I want to repeat for iPhone.

I found Corona SDK for cross platform development which uses Lua Scripting but its syntax is basically for games (as far as I could tell). I think it will lead me to complexity in future development.

Which language would be suitable for developing towards multiple mobile platforms (Android, iPhone, ..)?

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Lua was not designed for games, mind you. It was designed to be small, fast, and embeddable, which just happens to make it attractive to game designers. (I'm not sure what you mean by it's syntax being for games though) –  Alex Dec 16 '11 at 15:59
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Lua is nice. It's like a box of Lego: It hands you the bricks you need to build something useful with.

You don't like the syntax? Lot's of things can be changed by proper use of Metatables.

And it's small portable, embeddable, FAST (and certainly when using LuaJIT).

IMHO, I'd say, give it a go.

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