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I've a datepicker, using jQuery. But I want to substract 5 days from the date that is selected with jQUery datapicker. How can I do this?

--EDIT-- This solved my problem:

date = date.setDate(date.getDate() - 5);
date = new Date(date);
$('#max_unsub_date').attr('value', date.toLocaleDateString());

Thanks for helping

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Check this link – xyz Dec 16 '11 at 12:20

Assuming your datepicker has an id of datePicker:

var pickedDate = $( "#datePicker" ).datepicker( "getDate" );
if ( pickedDate != null )
    pickedDate.setDate( pickedDate.getDate() - 5 );

Then if you wanted to send that back to the datepicker:

$( "#datePicker" ).datepicker( "setDate", pickedDate );
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Use datejs

var date = (a date object created from your datepicker result); date.add(-5).days();

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