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Ok, in hindsight this does seem to be a silly problem I got myself into and shouldn't have done in the first place.

I have a class Debug with a function called trace inside it which puts a TextField on the stage and outputs the text.

Now I am trying to get the Debug.trace() function to do a "normal" debug trace as well from within side itself.

of course this causes a recursive loop.

I am trying to figure out how I can access the top level separately. I tried using namespaces such as AS3::trace but to no luck.

I know a solution is to rename my function to stop the conflict, but I would like that to be a last resort. So people suggesting a DIFFERENT solution would be helpful.

It is being used in quite alot of places throughout my entire code so replacing it everywhere is going to be a ballache.

Thank you for any "different" solutions to the one above.

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It looks like many people want to call their functions "trace" these days. Way to look for troubles :)… – this.lau_ Dec 16 '11 at 13:36
so your trace function isn't static? – www0z0k Dec 16 '11 at 14:44
I know you are looking for something different but personally I would bite the bullet and change your trace() function's name to something else. This will eliminate any future problem with it and make your code more maintainable for the next guy. – ToddBFisher Dec 16 '11 at 15:22
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Since trace() is a Top Level function and you're 'overriding' it in your Debug class I don't think it's possible to call it in another way.

A possible workaround could be to create a private class beneath your public Debug class. In there you could place a static method you could call which does the actual trace() like so:

public class Debug
    static public function trace(value:*) : void

        /* your textfield code */


class DebugTrace
    public static function debugTrace(value:*) : void
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seems @Laurent's comment points to a much better answer. You should use that – Rick van Mook Dec 16 '11 at 13:46
Yup, that's a good one. Makes this a duplicate question, though... – weltraumpirat Dec 16 '11 at 13:49
Actually this answer is the best. The solution @Laurent linked to won't work if your trace method is public. It says calling "public::trace" will work only if your trace method is private or protected, so if it's public it will still result in the problematic recursion. The second solution it suggested was saving trace in a static variable, but again it mentions that won't work if your method is static. So the only working solution for a public static trace function is to have a separate internal class in your ActionScript file as shown above. IMO. – Triynko Sep 18 '12 at 20:06

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