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How can I use tabs instead of multiple spaces for indentation in IntelliJ IDEA 11.0?

I have "Use tab character" checked under "Code Style" > "General" > "Default Indent Options". And also tried to have "Smart tabs" checked, but it doesn't help.

From the documentation:

If this check box is selected, tab characters are used:

  • On pressing the Tab key
  • For indentation
  • For code reformatting

Otherwise, spaces are used instead of tabs.

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Settings > Code Style > Java > Tabs and Indents > Use tab character

Substitute [Java] for weapon of choice as required.

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I have started using Community Edition version 12.1.3 and I found the setting in the following place: -

File > Other Settings > Default Settings > {choose from Code Style dropdown}

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Wouldn't have found this without your answer. Thanks! –  Matt Powell Jan 3 at 18:11

My Intellij version is 13.4.1

Intellij IDEA->Perference->Code Style(Project Setting)
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