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What's the proper way to add a String of arbitrary size to a Binary using the Bit Syntax? Everything needs to be in little endian. I've tried this:

example() ->
  Cmd = 16#4e584e43,
  Text = "hello::",

But get the exception:

** exception error: bad argument
 in function  bit_size/1
    called as bit_size("hello::")
 in call from packet:example/0
 in call from packet:main/0
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Does this do what you want?


This just treats your string as a binary with one byte per character, so no endianness applies.

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Yes that works. I actually got it to work by using this as well: Header = <<Cmd:32/unsigned-little-integer>>, list_to_binary([Header,Text]). Thanks! –  dbryson Dec 16 '11 at 15:48

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