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I'm trying to get double/intger amplitude values for audio input:

AudioFormat format = new AudioFormat(8000.0f, 8, 1, true, true);

    TargetDataLine line = null;
    DataLine.Info info = new DataLine.Info(TargetDataLine.class,
    if (!AudioSystem.isLineSupported(info)) {


    try {
        line = (TargetDataLine) AudioSystem.getLine(info);
    } catch (LineUnavailableException ex) {
        // Handle the error ...

    ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    int numBytesRead;
    byte[] data = new byte[line.getBufferSize() / 5];


    while (true) {

        numBytesRead = line.read(data, 0, data.length);
        // Save this chunk of data.
        out.write(data, 0, numBytesRead);
        for(int i=0; i<numBytesRead; i+=1) {


I can't understand why byte array contains only values 0, -1 or 1. How to get double or integer values of amplitude.

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The solution is to set microphone device more sensitive. :)

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