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In my titanium android application, i want to show a map with certain location marked. When i execute app, locations coming accurately with the map, but map come with a fix size. I am unable to navigate to any other place, because when i drag the map it start showing gray tiles after a fixed width and height. Here the map is not loading with draging of screen, as it usually loads. My code is shown below. Please suggest. Thanks.

var mapview = Titanium.Map.createView({
mapType: Titanium.Map.STANDARD_TYPE,

region: {latitude:30.2878560000, longitude:-81.5689450000,
latitudeDelta:1.05, longitudeDelta:1.05,



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I am not sure but this can be done with eliminating fullscreen from the window code.


Remove this property if you have wrote. It resolved my very similar problem.

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