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I have a list like
[(1, 3), (6, 7)]
and a string
I need to get the result AABCD.
I know I can get the integers form the tuple with nameOfTuple[0][0] yielding 1.
I also know that I can get the chars form the string with nameOfString[0] yielding A.
My question is, how do I iterate through two arguments in the tuple, in order to save the integers (to a list maybe) and then get the chars from the string?

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In [1]: l = [(1, 3), (6, 7)]

In [2]: s = 'AABBCCDD'

In [3]: ''.join(s[start-1:end] for (start,end) in l)
Out[3]: 'AABCD'

Here, pairs of indices from l are assigned to start and end, one pair at a time. The relevant portion of the string is then extracted using s[start-1:end], yielding a sequence of strings. The strings are then merged using join().

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Thx m8, this was just the kind of answer I was looking for. I thought, that you had to make a "double iteration" through the tuples, to keep track of them. –  X-Pender Dec 16 '11 at 18:29

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