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It's simple and straightforward in user mode because of those APIs.

How do you read/write specified process's userspace memory from a windows kernel module?

driver target platform is windows xp/2003

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You should be accessing the memory in-context during your capture phase, after which point you should operate only on the captured values. Otherwise you have a security vulnerability. –  Raymond Chen Dec 16 '11 at 15:23

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Use NtWriteVirtualMemory / NtReadVirtualMemory to write to other processes - you will need to open a handle to the process first.

Note that if you're already in the process, you can just write directly - for example if you're responding to a DeviceIoControl request from a process you can write directly to user-mode addresses and they will be in the address space of the process that called you.

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I'm also starting in the world of windows drivers and from what I've read XxxProcessMemory calls NtXxxVirtualMemory in ntdll (R3-UserMode). The NtXxxVirtualMemory calls the ZwXxxVirtualMemory (R0-KernelMode) also in the ntdll.

I believe you should use the ZwXxxVirtualMemory.

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