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I am trying out new styles with silverlight, and I created a new button skin with blend that consists of a border and a textblock. Wondered if there is a way to change the the text of the textblock when the the button's content(text) property is changed.

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The binding would look like this:

<TextBlock Text="{TemplateBinding Content}"/>

The problem is when I try to set the content to something other than text:

	        <Rectangle Fill="#FFB51111"/>

In this case using the ContentPresenter would work better. It uses the same binding expression, but can display more than text. But all that is really up to you.

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I don't really get what your trying to do. Normally, you include a TextBlock like that as a part of the button content.

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Button content as in the button text. –  Drahcir May 12 '09 at 16:36

Use a ContentPresenter rather than a TextBlock in your Template.

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