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The x264 lib is crashing on Windows as always. Now, I'm trying to fix it, and I don't understand one thing. In the code we can see only the function signature:

int x264_coeff_last64_sse2( dctcoef *dct );

But, there is no implementation in *.h, *.c or *.asm source. How is that possible???

(The function is called and it crashed, so it has to be linked in)

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They are being a little tricky :) It's actually defined as a macro in quant.c line 356 with my git checkout.

Here is the definition:

#define last(num)\
static int x264_coeff_last##num( dctcoef *l )\
    int i_last = num-1;\
    while( i_last >= 0 && l[i_last] == 0 )\
    return i_last;\

EDIT : I think this is assembly code you were looking for are lines (1317-1363) in x264\common\x86\quant-a.asm:

%ifndef ARCH_X86_64
cglobal coeff_last64, 1, 5-mmsize/16
    pxor m2, m2
    LAST_MASK 16, r2d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF* 32, r4d
    LAST_MASK 16, r3d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF* 48, r4d
    shl r3d, 16
    or  r2d, r3d
    xor r2d, -1
    jne .secondhalf
    LAST_MASK 16, r1d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF* 0, r4d
    LAST_MASK 16, r3d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF*16, r4d
    shl r3d, 16
    or  r1d, r3d
    not r1d
    BSR eax, r1d, 0x1f
    BSR eax, r2d, 0x1f
    add eax, 32
cglobal coeff_last64, 1,4
    pxor m2, m2
    LAST_MASK 16, r1d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF* 0
    LAST_MASK 16, r2d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF*16
    LAST_MASK 16, r3d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF*32
    LAST_MASK 16, r0d, r0+SIZEOF_DCTCOEF*48
    shl r2d, 16
    shl r0d, 16
    or  r1d, r2d
    or  r3d, r0d
    shl r3,  32
    or  r1,  r3
    not r1
    BSR rax, r1, 0x3f

%ifndef ARCH_X86_64
INIT_XMM sse2, lzcnt

Hope that helps!

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I believe that's the one called when you exclude the asm usage. The problematic one is written in asm (at least I assume so). And, it has an sse2 suffix. –  moose Dec 16 '11 at 15:58
Is the updated assembly what you were looking for? –  mevatron Dec 16 '11 at 16:06
Hm, if this is it... what's the relation between x264_coeff_last64_sse2() and coeff_last64? –  moose Dec 16 '11 at 16:20
One more thing... the debugger is not stopping in that asm code... What are the chances that we are looking at the wrong source? –  moose Dec 16 '11 at 16:30
It's certainly a possibility :) Do you happen to know where it's stopping, or have the local assembly where it's stopping? –  mevatron Dec 16 '11 at 16:46

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