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Following on from this post Where do I get an access token from to post to my facebook page using FBGraph gem in Rails 3? I am now able to make posts to my own facebook page but the posts are not visible to anyone other than me

I have all the privileges and I have an off line token. My facebook app settings for my account are set to public for my app. Using the following code I can make posts, it's just that they are not isible to anyone.

How do I sort this out? Is it some approval process or app setting I have to make or is it down to my code? Totally stumped!

My code

  def send_fb_message(params = {})
    owner =
    pages = owner.accounts
    page = pages.detect do |page|
      page.identifier == FB_PAGE_ID
      :message => params[:message],
      :description => params[:description],
      :link => params[:link]

My FB_TOKEN constant is an offline access token supposedly for the user me, the FB_PAGE_ID constant is the id of the page I wish to post to.

I am using the Rails console to call the above method on my dev machine. Not sure if the location of the request makes a difference?

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance

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Do you have the sandbox mode enabled in the advanced app settings?

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