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I am using SONAR for Code Quality checks of my projects. In one project I would like to know the code coverage of a library which is included in the classpath (maven dependency).

Is it possible to configure SONAR (with embedded COBERTURA) to also instrument the specific library for code coverage analysis? As cobertura instruments the bytecode this should be possible but I do not know if it is supported by cobertura (even indepentend from SONAR).

Any hints are welcome.

Regards Klaus

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You would have to set up cobertura(maven target) yourself and import the results(See dynamic analysis)


But I will not help much:

  1. you would need the src files of the jar to see the coverage, otherwise you would just get % numbers and I'm not even sure sonar will show the extra covered files
  2. the coverage for your whole project will always include the % of the library, so it will go down

It is better to test each project with its own unit tests on its own.

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Thanks for the dynamic analysis tip. Unfortunatly I have no existing report which I could reuse but the option sonar.includedModules seems interesting. +1 for the moment! – FrVaBe Dec 19 '11 at 14:51

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